The Accompanists


The Accompanists

Creating music is a collaboration and Terri has worked with many fine artists over the years. Here are some of the accompanists.

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The Blue Moon Album

Terri New sings Classic Contempoary and Jazz Favorites.

The Elks Opera House 1920s Speakeasy

Terri performed jazz styled music with pianist, Jeff Weisel and bassist, John Roper.

The Elks Opera House 1920s Speakeasy

Terri designed the backdrops for the Speakeasy.

Voices of the Velvet Revolution

Terri performed excerpts of the play she wrote at the Elks Opera House for the launching of "The Artists Path."

Voices of the Velvet Revolution

Terri designed the digital backdrops for the play at the Elks Opera House for the launching of "The Artists Path."

Talking Rock Ranch Wine Festival

Terri was the headliner at this popular Wine Festival at beautiful Talking Rock Ranch.

Talking Rock Ranch Concert

Terri opened for Toni Tennille of the Grammy Award winning Captain and Tennille fame.

Eastern European Tour

Terri took songs from Voices of the Velvet Revolution to Eastern Europe with Grammy winning Producer, Bob Esty & Pulitzer Prize nominee, James Ragan.


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Terri is currently working with pianist/composer Chris Wuehrmann - Goat Hill Music on a new show featuring classic songs in the genre of rock, blues and folk, great ballads of the past era.


Here are some of the great people who have accompanied Terri on a range of projects.

Photo Alan Mercer

Bob Esty

Terri has had the honor on collaborating on a myriad of projects with Bob over the years. Bob was the music director for "Voices of the Velvet Revolution" produced at the Wilshire Ebel Theater in Los Angeles. They took the songs of the show to the Czech republic together with a Pulitzer Prize nominee, James Ragan with Terri performing the songs of the show. Bob and Paul Delph worked with Terri on her first Theater Arts Title.

 "We had a recording studio together until he was off on tour with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross for "The Wiz" only show to come back to all of our equipment stolen! It was at a time when the means to record were changing and Mac's changed all our lives!"

Bob produced "Zimbabwe Drums" with British producer, Ashley Brigdale. SW Radio Africa in London has given a lot of airplay to "Zimbabwe Drums." This song features the musical talents of many well-known international musicians including Castle Wall, the famed horn section on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. Denny Seiwell (credits include Joe Cocker, Wings, Pablo Cruise) Bassist, Bob Glaub (credits include Jackson Brown), percussionist Bill Summers (credits include Herbie Hancock) and on Drums, Rick Slazer (credits include James Taylor, Rod Stewart). Percussionist Johnny Haastrup, one of Nigeria's most respected and beloved musicians. Terri’s backup singers include Beth Anderson who is known for her vocals on the “Never Ending Story” theme song and Wendy Mull. Zimbabwe Drums is also featured on YouTube to help raise awareness and funds for the  Help Save Zimbabwe Foundation based in Australia.

 Terri and Bob were also invited to sing at President Havel’s, (the playwright President from the Czech Republic) convocation at UCLA Royce Hall, Los Angeles, CA.

Read a great interview with Bob and celebrity photographer/blogger, Alan Mercer. (ALAN MERCER'S PROFILE PHOTOGRAPHS, CONVERSATIONS, STORIES AND COMMENTS FROM MY WORKING LIFE.> )

Bob Esty Has Worked With Some Diva's

..."Barbra Streisand, Cher, Donna Summer, Sally Kellerman and even Raquel Welch all want Bob Esty! He is responsible for some of their best music. Originally from Massachusetts, the famed music producer and musician has been an LA fixture for years now..."


Valarie Jahn

VAL JAHN has many musical gifts. As an piano accompanist she plays with feeling and a perceptive sensitivity to the artist. Her playing style is evocative and lively. As a lifelong appreciator of the arts, Val artistic commitments include serving as a faculty member of the Phoenix Conservatory of Music. You may also have heard her perform in a number of restaurants in the Prescott area. Area churches have also had the pleasure of her musical skills. Her keyboard ensembles have performed for several years at the Acker Music Showcase. A Graduate of Oral Roberts University with a major in Special Education and a minor in music, she has 25 years experience teaching music from classroom to private piano/guitar & keyboard ensembles. Currently the Director of Desert Mountain Music which offers music development programs for Infants to Age 4, Music Readiness classes, Young Children's piano program, and music classes for Home School children in Prescott area.

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