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Voices of the Velvet Revolution

ALICE “I Feel So Me Now!” Musical Theater Arts Volume 1

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Show

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The Blue Moon Album

Terri New sings Classic Contempoary and Jazz Favorites.

The Elks Opera House 1920s Speakeasy

Terri performed jazz styled music with pianist, Jeff Weisel and bassist, John Roper.

The Elks Opera House 1920s Speakeasy

Terri designed the backdrops for the Speakeasy.

Voices of the Velvet Revolution

Terri performed excerpts of the play she wrote at the Elks Opera House for the launching of "The Artists Path."

Voices of the Velvet Revolution

Terri designed the digital backdrops for the play at the Elks Opera House for the launching of "The Artists Path."

Talking Rock Ranch Wine Festival

Terri was the headliner at this popular Wine Festival at beautiful Talking Rock Ranch.

Talking Rock Ranch Concert

Terri opened for Toni Tennille of the Grammy Award winning Captain and Tennille fame.

Eastern European Tour

Terri took songs from Voices of the Velvet Revolution to Eastern Europe with Grammy winning Producer, Bob Esty & Pulitzer Prize nominee, James Ragan.

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 The Musical-Docu Drama

Written, Performed and Backdrop Design By Terri New

Directed by Ellen Bailey, Musical Direction by Bob Esty

Produced at The Wilshire Ebel Theater, Los Angeles, CA


Performance at The Elks Opera House Theater, Prescott, AZ
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BACKDROP FOR THE OPENING SONG of the Performance by Terri New
Music - Doug Lunn & Vida Vierra  - Music Production - Bob Esty

It was a dangerous time and the atmosphere was different from the very beginning. These students seemed not to be afraid of anything. 
They stood on each others shoulders and pulled down the red communist flags.  They beat them , cracked skulls, broken arm… they stood up with bloodied hands, holding out flowers saying  “We will not fight you back, we will not base our future on violence”.
These events signaled a deep power emerging….It called forth a profound determination … not based on fear…. not based on violence.   They had found hope, found their voice after forty years of oppression. It would not be silenced…
Three hundred thousand people came to the Square.... You could taste the fear …They took out keys and started ringing them,  three hundred thousand resonating this melodious protest.  It is known as the last ringing.  Three hours later the communist party stepped down from power and Vaclav Havel, the playwright ushered in the new democracy.
A country brutalized …years of oppression… hey find their voice, a voice that echoed freedom.

 Screenplay Music by Terri New

A remarkable and historical event, the “Velvet Revolution” took place in 1989 in Czechoslovakia. At the same time coming out of her own chaos, after years in a brutal relationship, a divorced single mom and her young daughter strike out to find their freedom and are witness to events that created the Velvet Revolution in 1989 Czechoslovakia. They started Project Booklift to help the new democracy get on their feet. The new Foreign Minister, Jiri Dientsbier said it was the first sign the outside world cared. This is their story with the backdrop of one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the momentous times in history, the turning of the tide in Eastern Europe.
Project Booklift gained international attention, books came in first by the hundred and then the by the tons with inscriptions from the American People to the heroes of the Velvet Revolution. One from Edward Albee:  “To my friends in Czechoslovakia; brave, persistent, ingenious, stubborn, and altogether splendid." - Edward Albee 1991.  "Sign with admiration and deep affection."

The new democracy had found their own soulful voice, their own freedom and healing. Coined “The Velvet Revolution” because of purposeful peaceful nature, the revolution was led by the playwright Vaclav Havel, who 10 years earlier had written the “Power of the Powerless” urging his people to live in truth and by doing this could successfully overturn a totalitarian regime. Vaclav Havel became the playwright president in 1989…And the Czechoslovakians, heroes to the world.


ALICE “I Feel So Me Now!” Musical Theater Arts Volume 1

Music composition and Production - Terri New & Bob Esty
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The Theme Song of Alice the Musical Theater Arts title by Terri New & Bob Esty.

My company Incite Productions produced ALICE “I Feel So Me Now!” Musical Theater Arts Volume 1.The aim is to inspire schools to create a wonderful musical production of ALICE “I Feel So Me Now!” based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and we are providing the tools for your success in this 6 Disk Series. (3 DVDs and 3 Audio CD-ROMs)

AUGUST ISSUE 2009 - School Library Journal  - Everything needed to cast, rehearse, and produce a play is included in this multimedia program. The play is based on Alice in Wonderland...Despite the chaos and confusion in Wonderland, Alice ...stands up to those who she feels are wrong. The first DVD features a group of children putting on a remarkably well-choreographed and beautifully costumed play. The "Birth of a Play" segment provides a history of the Pasadena (CA) Playhouse and explains the steps involved in presenting a play. The DVD also includes a data folder that contains all of the printable materials for the production—from lists of characters, the script, and promotional materials to instructions for producing miniature theater plays and sections on playwriting and radio plays. There are even bonus Lewis Carroll activities, dramatic presentations of select scenes from Alice in Wonderland, and resources for organizing a Mad Tea Party. The "Production Tools" DVD contains extensive and well-presented vocal warm-ups, dance stretches, characterization exercises, and instructions for creating costumes from foam rubber, spray paint, and glue. The "Miniature Theater" DVD offers a history of miniature theater and instructions for orchestrating a miniature production and creating the stage from a cardboard box. The three CDs each contain the play in a different stage of production. On the "Script" CD, the play is read by a full cast of adults and children, with stage directions, sounds, and background notes. The "Rehearsal" CD includes vocal warm-ups and the songs from the play. The "Performance" CD has 37 tracks of music and sound effects. The script can be downloaded at, where a video overview of the complete set and a preview of the lushly illustrated printable material is available. With time and a creative crew, this package will inspire young actors and make a theater production amazingly accessible.—MaryAnn Karre, Binghamton, NY


 Directed, Performed and Backdrop Design By Terri New, Pianist, Jeff Weisel and Bassist, John Roper. This musical revue based on jazz standards was used as part of the Elks Opera House 1920s Speakeasy in Prescott, AZ.



Enjoy this fun, sweet video! "Santa's Coming Home"

"Santa's Coming Home" is a delightful Christmas song written by Robert Scott Stanton and sung by Terri New. Join a fun cast of characters form Prescott, Arizona. Santa is busy making his rounds. He listens to Christmas wishes from kids and doggies and a wild child elder!. Mrs. Clause holds down the workshop in grand fashion. When its time to work, Mrs. Claus and the elves work, and when it's time to play, believe you me..they play!

Enjoy! And Happiest of Holidays! Spread the love!



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